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DFS -Drug Runner Online

Ops Task Force IC4

DFS -Drug Runner
Map: DFS -Drug Runner
Mod: IC

Gametype: COOP

Players: 0/10

ICE-Terminal Fury Online

Ops Task Force ICE

ICE-Terminal Fury
Map: ICE-Terminal Fury

Gametype: COOP

Players: 0/10

AW2-Counter Attack Online

Ops Task Force AW2 4.41

AW2-Counter Attack
Map: AW2-Counter Attack
Mod: None

Gametype: COOP

Players: 0/10

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Map Name :: Operation Iraqi Freedom
Category :: Joint Operations Reality
Game Type :: Single Player / COOP
Description:: This is a Reality MOD map so you will need the Reality Mod to play. ****Improved Version NOW!**** This map was made just to give you feel of what our Troops and Allied Troops are experiencing on a daily basis. I dedicate this game to all the Brave Soldiers Fighting for a Free and Democratic Iraq. An Iraqi citizen just came into camp X-Ray reporting that insurgents and foriegn fighters are taking over and terrorizing his town. He is asking for protection and for your team to go and get the terrorists out of their town. You are to immediately mount up and head North down the highway and clear out the bad guys. Goals... 1. Eliminate Insurgents. Most citizens were able to get out those who did not are probably dead by now. 2. Find and Destroy the insurgents weapons caches. Look very carefully some are well hidden. 3. Insurgent Leader, Fanatic from Iran! Found usually at Mosque with lots of guards. Take him out! 4. When all above is done return to base via the Insurgent Leader's Helo supplied by Iranian Government. Make sure all is done above before you get on helo. LOL! Make sure you land at helo H back at camp X-RAY to win. The Captain is getting tired of you guys landing on his HQ roof. The town is a literal maze and you will get lost at times so look at the map. Watch out for a number of surprizes. This game works best with at lease 4 players and one should be a Med. Ok this game has some custom sounds/music but will not be available at DFBarracks due to the large size of the files so please go to our website to get those. Visit and have a peek around.
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141 Downloads Since 6:18 AM - May 18, 2008
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