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DFS -Drug Runner Online

Ops Task Force IC4

DFS -Drug Runner
Map: DFS -Drug Runner
Mod: IC

Gametype: COOP

Players: 0/10

ICE-Terminal Fury Online

Ops Task Force ICE

ICE-Terminal Fury
Map: ICE-Terminal Fury

Gametype: COOP

Players: 0/10

AW2-Counter Attack Online

Ops Task Force AW2 4.41

AW2-Counter Attack
Map: AW2-Counter Attack
Mod: None

Gametype: COOP

Players: 0/10

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Map Name :: MISSION: Eagle Smoke
Category :: Joint Operations Reality
Game Type :: Single Player / COOP
Description:: We've been tapped for a search and rescue. The Navy's been flying sorties against rebel positions from it's carrier battle group in the Black Sea. Last night, the bad guys got lucky with a SAM and took out one of our Blackhawks. The pilot and the weapons officer both bailed out before impact, but the rebels picked them up shortly after they activated their beacons. They're being held for interrogation at a farm near the crash site. You're job is to go in and bring them back out alive. And try to minimize Ossetian casualties - the Russians are already making a big stink at the U.N. about us being here and we don't want to give them any more ammunition. If Moscow decides to intervene, we're going to find ourselves smack in the middle of a major war.
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