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DFS -Drug Runner Online

Ops Task Force IC4

DFS -Drug Runner
Map: DFS -Drug Runner
Mod: IC

Gametype: COOP

Players: 0/10

ICE-Terminal Fury Online

Ops Task Force ICE

ICE-Terminal Fury
Map: ICE-Terminal Fury

Gametype: COOP

Players: 0/10

AW2-Counter Attack Online

Ops Task Force AW2 4.41

AW2-Counter Attack
Map: AW2-Counter Attack
Mod: None

Gametype: COOP

Players: 0/10

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Map Name :: IC Stealth Attack 4 (Double Agent)
Category :: Joint Operations IC
Game Type :: Single Player / COOP
Description:: 08/05/08 FINAL UPDATE... JO FLAG INSERTED AT START TO SIGNIFY UPDATED VERSION WOODROW...OUT! Bravo team you have been tasked to take out 3 satellite blockers that have inhibited our surveillance of a planned rocket attack from Korea. We have infiltrated the organisation with a female double agent who has coordinated a mission to break into the computer system to locate the blockers.............. Primary Objective - Access Computer - Prevent Launch of Rockets........... A computer programmer is being taken to an island hideout to upgrade systems. The agent has set up a false crash site to enable you to kill - then pose as the guards escorting the programmer to the island. You will parachute into the 'false crash site.' After taking the place of the guards you wil be taken to the enemy compound. Do not engage the enemy until you have accessed the PC!... After you have infiltrated the pc - all hell will break loose. It is of the upmost importance to follow Intel and orders from the agent................. Secondary Objective - Assassinate Commander.................... Once the blockers have been destroyed locate and destroy rockets then assassinate the commander. ................ Load assault weapons and a satchel charge. THIS IS A TOUGH MAP CHAPS AND LONG!!
Map Rating :: Not Rated 

66 Downloads Since 8:39 AM - May 25, 2008
Map Creator :: Woodrow :: View All Maps  By Woodrow

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