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Code Name: BraveHeart Online

Ops Task Force IC4

Code Name: BraveHeart
Map: Code Name: BraveHeart
Mod: IC

Gametype: COOP

Players: 0/10

ICE-Operation Heck Fire Online

Ops Task Force ICE

ICE-Operation Heck Fire
Map: ICE-Operation Heck Fire

Gametype: COOP

Players: 0/10

AW2-Operation Dynamo Online

Ops Task Force AW2 4.41

AW2-Operation Dynamo
Map: AW2-Operation Dynamo
Mod: None

Gametype: COOP

Players: 0/10

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Map Name :: GE?s Oasis 4 AW
Category :: Joint Operations AW
Game Type :: Single Player / COOP
Description:: AW Version ! One of our spyplanes has crashed into the Iranian desert close to the border. The pilots survived and have been taken captive. It is your job to go in, destroy all remainings of the plane and find the hostage pilots. Once you reach the secret base in the desert destroy all tech stuff and proceed to where the pilots are held captive. Coop map that has one little part out of the TKOTH hill map. Desert with sandstorms and a new way to gain PSPs. Since DFX does not support the PSPs like in JO, I had to improvise. Once you have completed an objective you will get a PSP and spawn there. That means no more long walking, Have fun !
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171 Downloads Since 5:54 AM - Oct 5, 2008
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