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DFS -Drug Runner Online

Ops Task Force IC4

DFS -Drug Runner
Map: DFS -Drug Runner
Mod: IC

Gametype: COOP

Players: 0/10

ICE-Terminal Fury Online

Ops Task Force ICE

ICE-Terminal Fury
Map: ICE-Terminal Fury

Gametype: COOP

Players: 0/10

AW2-Counter Attack Online

Ops Task Force AW2 4.41

AW2-Counter Attack
Map: AW2-Counter Attack
Mod: None

Gametype: COOP

Players: 0/10

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Map Name :: Trust Me
Category :: Joint Operations SGM
Game Type :: Single Player / COOP
Description:: REQUIRES SG-MOD 1.5 ------- This is a take off, from an old BHD single player mission I built many years ago, and thanks to Luke I now have the ability to recreate a multiplayer coop version. Trust Me is 4 mini missions in one. I will start you out with Mission #1 "The easiest level" and when you complete it, the next mission/level will be unlocked. Each level I turn up the heat a bit more, so in level #1 you take on maybe 30 AI and destroy a few targets, level #2 will be at least 4 times the AI and level 3 4 times again so in the end you will be taking on over 200 AI in one mission. In-Game Briefing: Mission: 1. Recover 4 missing maps, destroy emplaced weapons and supplies. 2. Eliminated emplaced weapons, supplies and Enemy Scientist. 3. Find and recover missing Gold! 4. Find and Kill Luke NadeWalker Hints: - Remember 1 is easy, 4 is hard. - Check your map for RED targets. - RUN. - Watch your back Note: - Normal, Traps, Tricks, and Booby-trap clause applies
Map Rating :: Not Rated 

113 Downloads Since 9:25 AM - Oct 12, 2009
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